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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

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Gimme Hope Obama

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No wonder why even Democrats are being turned off by Kenyan Keyesnian Barrack “Hussein” Obama’s economic package! At the end of this post I list a call to action for every patriotic American!

While the pinko democrat, home oh loving, tofu eating crowd were lifting their Styrofoam cups of latte and toasting their Anti-Christ Messiah Barrack Hussein Obama and his vision of a new Socialist Motherland, he was working against their economic interests!

Where are the job postings for DEATH PANEL Memberships?

Every rational person knows this Health Care Reform Bill created these positions! But Barrack “Hussein” Obama is hiding these newly created positions from even his own supporters for sinister reasons I will list in this article!

WHERE ARE THE NEW DEATH PANEL JOBS? Forget about Tarp and the Stimulus Package! I want to focus on that great Socialist wonder package that they just inflicted on our nation, “The Health Care Reform Act”! It has been a few weeks since the bill passed and I have scoured Government and Civil Service Web sites and I cannot find a single instance of one Death Panel membership job posting.

There is an evil conspiracy at work here and real Americans must wake up to it!

Every loyal red blooded American knows that true patriots like Sarah Palin, Newt Ginrich, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are not liars! They are telling the truth about the DEATH PANELS! There is a reason why Barrack Hussein Obama is not listing the Civil Service positions of DEATH PANEL MEMBERSHIPS for local, county and state on the Federal Websites!

Why are the Death Panel jobs not being listed on the Civil Service and Federal Websites?

I wish I could say it is because they don’t exist! But every red blooded American knows that Fox News, Sarah Palin, Newt Ginrich, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh were correct that this Socialist Pinko Health Care Law does indeed create death panels.

The reason you don’t see these new jobs posted on Civil Service Websites is because President Barrack HUSSEIN OBAMA HAS OFF SHORED THESE JOBS TO HIS NATIVE COUNTRY OF KENYA!

That’s correct! What other “rational explanation” is there that the positions are not listed? Fox News and Michele Bachmann don’t lie!

In this age of internet teleconferencing the various local, county, state and national DEATH PANELS have been OFF – SHORED TO Barrack “Hussein” Obama’s native Kenya! Hospitals in America reference their corresponding Death Panel via Internet Teleconferencing and receive their orders to kill!


The time has come for Tea Party Patriots to rise up and demand an end to this vast attack on our elderly and to restore Health Care to patriotic for profit health insurance companies! This is just the final stage of a VAST conspiracy of the home oh loving pinko liberal latte drinking wimpy leftists!

Don’t believe me? Listen to these inspiring words from a military general who warned of this plot years ago! Indeed Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was correct that the “Tree of Liberty must be watered with blood from time to time”. If we don’t act then the pinko liberals will have all of us drinking their latte and destroying our precious bodily fluids which will result in virile freedom loving Real Americans becoming limp wristed homo loving tofu eating democrats!

Now you can join in this patriotic fight to stop the home oh loving, latte drinking, tofu eating pinko Democrats from killing Grand Ma from their OFF SHORED DEATH PANELS IN OBAMA’S KENYA!

Send this article to your friends! More important is to write to these patriots below and tell them you want the Death Panel Jobs at least returned to American shores so the Grand Ma killers have to face the public!

Let’s have a Tea Party and stop these pinkos from killing Grand Ma!

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