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In this post I will be writing out of voice. I have not updated this site for quite a while. However I will be doing so more frequently. I want to address two issues:

This Is A Joke Site

I am a liberal. That’s right I am using paradoxical intention! Much like the “Billionaires For Wealthcare” and the TV Show called the “Colbert Report“. This site uses “paradoxical intention” to poke fun at the self righteousness and contradictions of conservatives. Also I am trying to advocate for the Progressive Agenda and to give liberals some talking points indirectly.

Hopefully my liberal viewers are laughing and giving their unsuspecting conservative friends and family links to my posts to drive them nuts!

I am using the “funnel technique” to drive them to read to the completion of each post and usually when they hit the final video they realize they have been “had”! But then again these are Republicans we are talking about!

Site Was Inactive But Now I Am Back

This site was inactive for quite a while. That is because I write several sites and my main political site is:


While my other sites do take up a lot of my free time, I have come to realize that Barrack Obama is not the Progressive I had hoped he would be. Thus when I mocked him in this site it was actually as an act of support! But I have no interest to support him anymore because he is a sellout to the Progressive Cause that I strongly believe in.

Again in this post I am writing out of character. I am supposed to be a right wing nut case! This is phony satirical conservative webstite. I am trying to demonstrate what idiots Tea Baggers are.

If you read my straight talking website above you will note that I have gone from supporting Barrack Obama to now advocating Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean to run against Barrack Obama.

In the prior posts on this site I have demonstrated how foolish these right wingers are with paradoxical intention.

  • How can Barrack Obama be BOTH a “fascist” and a “communist”?
  • How can Barrack Obama be both a follower of Rev Wright AND a Muslim?
  • How can Barrack Obama be both a Muslim and a Secular Euro Socialist Atheist?

These right wingers are out of their minds!

My reason for discouragement with President Obama is not that he is any of these labels above! My problem with Obama is that he is a WIMP who will not stand up for the Progressive Liberal values that have made this nation great!

I fear that if Obama is re-elected he will undermine the work of President Franklin D Roosevelt. We need to have a constitutional amendment to ban corporations from making us pay to finance their corporate agenda while the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS ship both blue collar and white collar jobs overseas.

I just wanted to make this clear that I am NOT a conservative but a raging liberal! So please visit my regular site that I listed above and don’t forget in all future posts I am only joking!

I hope Democrats and Greens can use some of my future posts to show up the stupidity of these right wingers. Because I really do feel our nation is in danger of losing our democracy to become a corporate plutocracy!

So join me in future posts when I will return to my phony right wing nut case persona – enjoy!


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