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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

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The worsey tofu eating, liberals in this country should pause for a moment from their tree hugging home-oh loving ways and stop whining that we may have to work longer until we are eligible for Social Security and Medicare!

Why shouldn’t we work longer?

Do you realize that 42% of millionaires don’t feel financially secure! They believe they will out live their money! That is why we have so much unemployment in America because our social betters have an insecurity crisis!

But wait now you can help these job creators! See these heroic job creators in the video below and why we need to stop these stupid ideas of pensions, vacations and medical insurance!

What the worsey liberals and their nanny state loving social engineering experts don’t seem to realize is that the insecure millionaires are the JOB CREATORS in our society!

I am just so happy to work longer hours at less pay and to defer my retirement so that my social betters will not feel insecure in their golden years! We middle class Americans need to work longer and give up pensions so that our social betters can feel more secure in their retirement years!

Medicare is not an entitlement while the Job Creators feel insecure!

Thank God even Obama is seeing the light! (see video below)


Save The Job Creators

What we need is to end the socialist home oh loving Capital Gains Tax and replace it with a “Longevity Gains Tax” or if you prefer the term a “Life Extension Gains Tax“!

Middle Class Americans need to show respect to the “Job Creators” since they are the producers in this society! Maybe if we would just lower our salaries and do away with vacations and health insurance our social betters would not ship jobs to China!

It’s not that they want to but how are they going to survive in their golden years as the video above shows they cannot get by without 7+ million!

Well Democrats “where are the jobs”? The last labor statistics reports should darken their commie labor day celebrations! There were no net gains in jobs just as President Obama was about to give his post labor day address on job creation!

But for true patriotic Americans there was one ray of hope!

While “x” amount of jobs were lost in the public sector the same amount were created in the private sector! Now at least more people will be working for the job creators at the lower salaries we middle class Americans deserve!

The Middle Class Needs To Know Our Place

Maybe if we did not scare the Job Creators they would create more jobs here! After all they are the “producers” in this society! Thank God I know that even though I work in a unionized civil service job! Civil Service unionized workers are not worthy of our jobs because my social betters do not collect a dividend check from the services I produce!

Thank God now that is going to change! Just look at Wisconsin!

Then of course we have the college grads who only got into college because of a student loan or grant! We need to end that because the children of our social betters should be the only ones to have access to a college degree! In a land of equal opportunity we still have to favor the children of the job creators first! After all they are the producers!

But the worsey tofu vegan eating, tree hugging, home oh loving liberals want to put us real manly Americans into a nanny state with college grants. Why cannot middle class kids just know their place?

Beside we middle class Americans need to know our place! Why bother with a college education when even high tech jobs are being shipped overseas, as they should be! We need to keep those capital gains flowing so that our social betters don’t feel insecure in their old age!

My place is to serve the corporation!


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