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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

Screw The Whales And The Environment – Save The Corporate Rich

Just look at how these wispy liberals are destroying our American hardcore values like “rugged individualism”! They want to increase the power of the government at the expense of “Individual Freedom”! Do they care they will create a nation of parasites? Of course not! With their vegan tofu diets, their brains are not being nourished with the rugged red meat diets that gave us America and the testosterone to defend Individual Freedom! Just look at how they are trying to destroy those who are the “producers” of America’s wealth and prosperity, our corporate executives and CEO’s! They want to tax the rich till they loose all incentives to continue making our nation as great as it is!

The time has come for Middle Class Americans to stand up and support our social betters! They know what is best for us! After all they are “the producers”. We Republican Middle Class Americans don’t want any part in the Socialist experiment being run now by Keynesianism Kenyan born Barrack Obama and his limp wristed, homo loving, tofu eating, latte drinking, red meat deficient pinko liberal Democrats!

The time has come for all true native born RUGGED AMERICAN INDIVIDUALISTS to stand up to these Soviet style Collectivists and their testosterone depleting ways! We stand for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM! Our Dear Leader Rush Limbaugh recently gave a rousing speech that strikes fear into the hearts of these pinko testosterone deficient democrat elitists! See the video below! There is no better way to make a comparison of the democrat vs republican beliefs!

The time has come for all middle class Republicans who stand for “rugged individualism” to rally to the Republican Party and it’s values of FREEDOM for the Individual!

We Middle Class Republicans Demand

Freedom From Social Security: This is a communist based idea! By the time we reach 65 we should have earned several million by working in and for the corporations! At the very least we should have passed former President Bush’s plan to allow Americans to withdraw some of their Social Security funds and place them into “Individual Retirement Accounts”. That way when the recession hit they would have been so much more secure instead of being locked in a “Socialist Government Program” like Social Security!

Freedom From Economic Security: The stimulus plan is a commie pinko plot to undermine American Corporations! It is better that both white and blue collar employees feel insecure in their  jobs so we can better serve the corporation and our social betters! After all they are the producers! When I go to an employment interview my only thought is how can I submit my individual goals to the Corporate Collective!

Freedom From Universal Health Care: Who are we in the middle class to impose on our social betters a higher progressive income tax? After all they are the “PRODUCERS” in our society! I am just lucky to work for them! My Corporation Executives deserve to earn far more than the President of the United States! Corporate executives  have far more responsibility than the President of the United States. They have to decide which foreign country to ship our jobs to! Should they ship my job to Singapore or China? I wish I could be as smart as my social betters! They deserve to make millions per year! Besides my existence is to serve the Corporate Collective! By making me have either no health care or health care that is contingent on my employment to the Corporation, it enables me to have a more correct attitude to the corporation and my Social Betters! What have health care even if my job is shipped overseas or outsourced? Never that would be socialism!

Freedom From Euro-German Style Eleven Week Paid Vacations: Can you imagine that in Germany the employees are given eleven week paid vacations! My purpose of existing is to serve the leisure of my social betters and the Corporate Collective! After all our Social Betters work so much harder than Middle Class white and blue collar employees!

Freedom To Make Involuntary Contributions To The Political Agendas Of My Social Betters: We demand “Taxation Without Representation“.  When Insurance Companies send their corporate lobbyists to advance their agendas it just makes me so proud that my social betters do not need to dip their hands into their deep pockets to fund their K-Street Operations! Instead they just take it out of the corporation’s funds! Fantastic, that way they then collect more from middle class Americans in the form of higher premium charges and/or reduced benefits! That is what we are here for. We Republicans in the middle class know our place is to serve the “producers” of this society – our social betters!

Freedom From Maternity Leave For Mothers and Fathers: We do not want to be like those pinko Social Democrats in Sweden! They actually give both the father and mother up to 16 months paid leave for each child born. There is a reason for that and we don’t want it to happen in America!

One side effect of living in a liberal left wing nation is that most of the citizens in socialist Sweden are homosexuals! It is understandable that the government has to create some type of reward system to maintain procreation else there would be no new pinko socialists to fill Sweden in future years to come. That is why they give both parents up to 16 months paid leave for each child born.

When a nation, like Sweden or God forbid America in the future,  turns liberal then testosterone production drops and they have to have some means to maintain the population.

But in America we still have REAL MEN who are not vegan, tufu eating, latte drinking, Obama voting, liberal blogging, homo loving, pinko liberal democrats! Thank God we still have the N.R.A. And since our guns have testosterone backup we don’t need to have Maternity leave for either fathers or mothers! We value productivity! Both on the job and in the bedroom!Let’s keep it that way. The above is a true comparison of the democrat vs republican!

Don’t let America go the path of Sweden! Vote Republican we can keep America virile! While the video above is from 2008 it is just as relevant today! (See Video Above).  It gives a great comparison of the democrat vs republican beliefs.

Screw the whales – SAVE THE CORPORATE RICH!

Send this website link to your friends, family and Representatives! Tell them we support our social betters! We will not stand by while the progressive income tax goes up on the “producers” of America’s wealth – the Corporate Rich!

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