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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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Our beloved leader, Rush Limbaugh, who is recovering from a hospital stay in Hawaii stopped another worsey tofu eating, latte drinking,  liberal cold! See the video below where he cuts down Kenyan Keynesian Barrack Hussein Obama’s attempt to take away our “Freedom” by pushing  Universal Health Care on America. I am sure every loyal American owes a great debt of thanks to Rush Limbaugh for his preserving our relationship with the real producers in America – our social betters in the top 2%. After all it is they who are the real “producers” in America and we Republican Middle Class Americans are against any increase in the pinko commie progressive income tax or the inheritance tax!

Alas if we do indeed have this vile creature called Universal Health Care then we as Republican Middle Class Americans can take solace that the Senate Bill will not tax our social betters in the top 2% but rather some of us who dare to think we deserve better health care and have “Cadillac Health Care Insurance Plans“!

The time has come for all Middle Class Americans to rise up and join Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans to preserve Individual Freedom! We don’t need these pinko lattte drinking, vegan, home oh loving liberals and their Kenyan Keynesian Obama to tell real meat eating Americans we need Universal Health Care!

Watch the video below that supports the true American view that health care reform is an evil socialist attempt to undermine our free market economy and our social betters who are the “True Producers” as Rush Limbaugh spoke in the prior video! Thank God some Americans are standing up! (See video below)

We Republican Individualists stand for:

  • Freedom for our social betters to ship both blue collar and white collar technical American jobs overseas. Good that makes us work better to serve our social betters! After all “they” are the “producers” and anyone who says differently is is a pinko elitist!
  • We want to be  dependent on the Corporate Collective as we grow older. That way if we try foolishly to change jobs we could loose our health insurance and/or not burden our new Corporate Collective with a prior existing condition! Why should we middle class Americans burden the “producers” for our illnesses? We should be glad to have a job! That way we can contribute to CORPORATE COLLECTIVE PRODUCTIVITY!
  • Freedom from economic security!
  • Freedom from leisure time! Better that both husband and wife have to work and then with overtime! It is more important that our social betters have more millions in dividend checks and leisure time on the golf course. Besides if we have leissure time I prefer to spend it at a Tea Party as any real red meat eating, individualistic American would! Middle Class leisure time is the work of satan and commie unions! Now they even want to unionize programmers!
  • Freedom to pay involutary contributions to the causes of my social betters. I am just proud as hell that our corporations finance K-Street from reduced salaries and/or increased product costs. They know what is best for us! Besides “Corporations are persons”! Individual freedom comes by subjecting individuality to the Corporate Collective!

Let’s stand up for Corporate Collectivism against these home oh loving pinko liberals! VOTE REPUBLICAN! Just see the opposition we face in these pinko tofu loving liberal bloggers below!

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