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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

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Thank God that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can use their funds to directly pay for ads. Naturally we wouldn’t want the investors to have to pay for this! After all they are the “Producers” in America! Now every time we go to the gas pump to fuel our cars, or make any purchase we can all be proud that part of the proceeds will go to advance the interest of our social betters! They know best they are the “Producers” in America! What we Republicans need to do is push to allow them to make unlimited contributions directly to candidates rather than just fund their own ads! But regardless this is a great victory for us middle class Republicans because now our social betters can raise funds directly from their corporate treasuries.

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Oh the home oh loving pinko elitist liberal Democrats must have choked on their tofu when this fantastic Supreme Court decision came down! Now we all can go to sleep at night knowing that our social betters can protect our Republican way of life! Now we can elect real Americans and from both political parties as the Democrats will now be tamed by the corporate contributions of our social betters!  Ha Ha the liberals will even be contributing to the very political ads that destroy their pinko candidates every time they make a purchase!

Sleep safe America knowing that our social betters have everything under control and they know best! We middle class Republicans can rest now knowing that those latte drinking worsey, home oh loving lefties will never be able to raise the progressive income tax on our social betters! They deserve to earn far more than us because they are the REAL PRODUCERS! I am just so proud to make my contribution to the corporation!

I only wish more jobs would be shipped overseas so as to give some of my fellow employees the motivation to be more productive to serve our social betters! Thank God Kenyan Keynesian Barrack Obama did not get his health care bill though! If that happened it would make some middle class employees become more uppity and feel they could switch jobs when the recession ends since they could get health care! This is a great victory for Individual Freedom because that only comes from serving our social betters and the corporation! The Supreme Court has really made Obama want to go back to Kenya as now corporations will be able to undo the individual contributions that elected our Muslim Atheist President from Kenya!

Most important of all I would not want our social betters to have to dip their hands into their large wallets that come from being the producers in America! Instead we will finance their corporate and political agendas each time we make purchases! And why shouldn’t we because they know best! They are the “producers” and Sarah Palin is right! Anyone who disagrees, like Barrack Hussein Obama, is an elitist!

Sleep safe America – our social betters know what is best for us!

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