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If the elderly cannot swallow the costs of Corporate American pharmaceutical drugs then let them swallow dung!

It is bad enough we have a non-American Muslim Atheist imposed on us as President by the latte drinking lefties of the Democratic Party. But now they want to undermine the most successful health care system in the world! We know that our social betters, “The Producers” in this country know what is best for us middle class Americans! That is why they ship our jobs to third world countries because we are just not productive enough and we deserve it! After all they are the producers!

That is why I want a corporate bureaucrat between me and my doctor rather than a government bureaucrat! If the insurance company does it then it is “managed care” but if the vegan tofu eating lefties put a government bureaucrat in between me and my doctor that is a DEATH PANEL!

Insurance Companies Ration Health Care

Image by tsweden via Flickr

The person holding the sign on the right  has got to be a pinko home-oh loving liberal! Maybe if he wasn’t a vegan whose testosterone levels are low due to not eating meat he wouldn’t hold such a commie sign!  We Republicans don’t want Obama’s Death Panels to ration our health care. Let the insurance companies do it. They know what is best for us not the government.

We Republican Middle Class Americans DEMAND:

  • Freedom from health insurance coverage!

  • Freedom for the rights of the producers in this society, our social betters and the insurance companies they own, to impose “managed care” and keep the death panels away from us!

  • The right to not be allowed to sue doctors and hospitals for malpractice. That is because our social betters know what is best for us. Besides if hospitals, doctors or insurance companies made mistakes then the free market would correct itself once our deaths became known on Fox News. Besides the reports of thousands of deaths each year to medical malpractice are just pinko Commie lies!

  • Government regulation of lawyers who sue doctors and hospitals for malpractice! These lawyers are suing because of the “profit incentive” which has no place in the homeostasis of a free market!

As Republican Middle Class Americans we want to insure our dependency on the Corporate Collective so that as we grow older we will not switch jobs for better pay but subvert our self interest to the interest of our social betters in the Corporate Collective. After all they are “The Producers”! This is the highest form of Individual Freedom! To serve the corporations that we work for and that insure us!

We Republican Middle Class Americans support the rights of Corporations to pay politicians using funds raised by increased corporate prices and/or reduced quality of goods and services to fund their K-Street operations in the defense of liberty! After all corporations are persons and they serve in the military like Haliburton!

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